Working effectively with ViewModels and TDD

Andriy Matkivskiy
Senior Mobile Engineer at Valtech, Україна

The introduction of Android Architecture Components made a lot of things easier for Android developers. Despite this, the documentation is still not complete and confusing. Here and their developers arise questions like: “How should I handle communication between ViewModels?”, “How to send one time events properly?”, “How to fill pleasure from Android development again?”.  I will cover these topics and guide you through this dark forest and show that the light of TDD.

In this talk, I will cover the most popular pitfalls when using ViewModels and show how one can easily follow the TDD approach while implementing MVVM on Android.

Про спікера

Senior Mobile Engineer in Valtech. I’ve been developing Android apps for 7 years and I still remember the times when using AsyncTasks was the recommended way. I am a perfectionist (what causes pain when dealing with legacy codebase) and a big fan of functional programming (at least the good part of it).
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