Managing State in Reactive applications

Sergey Shulga
iOS engineer at Babylon Health, United Kingdom

Reactive programming becoming very popular these days and many people already adopted or started to adopt it in their projects. This is indeed a great tool but in the wrong hands, it quickly can get out of hands. Polluting the codebase with spaghettis of reactive operators where it can be hard to reason about and debug.

In this talk, I will share our experience with reactive programming at Babylon Health. And show our approach on how we manage the state in our ViewModels in a unidirectional way.

Про спікера

Sergey is an iOS engineer at Babylon Health. He has been building iOS apps for the past 6 years. Is a big fan of reactive programming and open source. He is a contributor to such libraries like RxSwift, RxDataSources, ReactiveFeedback, and Bento.
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