Designing iOS+Android project without using multiplatform frameworks

Maksym Ukhanov
Senior Mobile Engineer at Intelity, Ukraine

Using React Native, Flutter, Hybrid Web, Unity, Kotlin Multiplatform could be an interesting strategy, but what if we want to stay within traditional native development on both platforms?

A syntax of Swift and Kotlin looks pretty similar, especially if you are cooking it with RX. So, what if we will implement a new feature on one platform and then, kinda, copy-paste the code to another one, with minimum modification? How good it will work for us? How should we deal with platform-specific features? Will this strategy make a project too complex?

This speech will show the way, how to design your project in order to minimize the headache of implementing the same feature for both mobile platforms. Also, we will talk about gains and losses during implementation on a real project with this design idea.

Про спікера

Senior Mobile Engineer at Intelity. Max has been working in mobile development for more than 6 years and specializes in multimedia-based projects. He had a chance to work on a few complex projects, video SDK, and a mobile game framework. All of it was designed to be working on iOS/Android/WinPhone. He has been established a course of Mobile development at Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, Igor Sikorsky KPI. As a hobby, with a help of IoT devices, Max is growing the tiniest tomatoes in the world on his balcony.
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