Mateusz Herych

Mateusz Herych
Android Tech Lead at IG, Google Developer Expert, Poland

Про спікера

I'm working as an Android Technical Team Lead at in IG in Krakow, where he lives. Member of the Google Developer Expert program on Android, also co-organizes GDG Krakow's community meetups. An avid fan of railway transportation and football, father of twins.


Story of one project - how to turn 8-years old monolith into a modern codebase

Our app was nearly 500k lines of code worth, written by dozens of devs in a timespan of 8 years, almost fully in Java. We will learn how we: Split our project into decoupled feature modules and multiple app-agnostic SDKs. a complete redesign of the app in one drop wasn't an option. Докладніше...

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