Lead iOS Engineer at Babylon Health, UK
iOS Software Engineer at Zalando, Germany
Google Developer Expert (GDE), Germany
Android Developer at Zalando, Germany.
Google Developer Expert (GDE), Germany
Senior iOS Engineer at Babylon Health, UK
Developer Advocate at IBM, UK
Android Lead at Viacom, Google Developer Expert (GDE), Germany
Mobile Architect at glomex GmbH, Germany
Сo-founder and Android developer at Karumi, Google Developer Expert (GDE), Spain
iOS Developer at Kupferwerk, Germany
Android Tech Lead at IG, Google Developer Expert (GDE), Poland
Developer Evangelist at Samsung, Canada
Android Developer at Petcube, Ukraine
Android Developer at Ciklum R&D, Ukraine
Mobile Team Lead at Lohika, Ukraine
iOS Developer and owner of Developmunk, Danmark
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