Sceneform SDK in practice

Illya Rodin

The theme of native engines simplifying the work with 3D graphics for Android is the headache of many developers. While there is SceneKit for iOS, Android developers were forced to either refer to cross-platform solutions (Unity3d, LibGDX, etc.) or use own/open source solutions with limited functionality. The appearance of Sceneform SDK solves not only this problem but also encapsulates the work with ArCore SDK, allowing developers to natively implement AR solutions without using the third-party SDK.

The report will consider the practicability and limitations of Sceneform SDK in regard to augmented reality (AR) projects. Such themes as SLAM, ArCore SDK, recognition and tracking of image-based markers, Cloud Anchors and alternatives existing on the market will also be considered.

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CTO in ROAR Augmented Reality Platform, since 2009 in mobile development. Main work lines: development and mentoring on development for Android, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, IoT.
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