Libraries and Tools on guard of code

Pavlo Taykalo
Software Engineer at MacPaw, Ukraine

Now, it is not enough just to write the code, it should be written beautifully and "correctly". Since these concepts differ greatly from person to person, at some point the teams come to formalization of beauty and correctness. Some teams, being tired of swearing in the pull requests by reason of the bad code, go further and set up the automatic checks. Someone even trusts the tools so much that allow them to modify and correct the code.

In this report, I'll talk about libraries and tools aiming at work with the code. Let's consider the main distinctions between libraries and field of their use. After the report, you will finally distinguish SourceKit from SourceKitten, libSwiftSyntax from Swift Syntax.

About speaker

Software Engineer at MacPaw. Many years' experience of iOS development, author of several close-iOS projects that are very popular in narrow circles. I actively participate in Ukrainian conferences as speaker, where I carry the light of knowledge to all those interested, sharing the pieces of my gathered experience. I like to program in time free from programming. Interests: programming, science fiction, quantum computing, data visualization.
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