Olexandr Leuschenko

Olexandr Leuschenko
Head of Mobile Unit at Ciklum, Ukraine

About speaker

I've been writing the code for a price since 2006, in mobile development since Retina has just appeared, android has made us sad, and Windows Phone was cool, that is already 7 years. I hold the position of Head of Mobile Unit at Ciklum. In my spare time I learn something new and also teach others.


Flutter: No more boring apps!

Eternal choice: quick, cheap or beautiful. Until recently, it was possible to get two of three, while developing mobile apps. In this report we will talk about how to write reliable, beautiful apps, at ultra-speed and at no cost. More info...

Overcoming the gap between designers and developers

A good designer is extremely valuable. But it happens that client's corrections to the finished design (or even a ready-made application) create for developers the amazing opportunities for refactoring exercises. In this report, we will take the most gorgeous design fantasies and implement them on Flutter. More info...

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